About Us

Outlands Design—founded by a team of experienced architects and designers—brings a fresh vision to residential design on Martha's Vineyard and Cape Cod. With a combined expertise spanning decades, the firm's leaders wanted to serve the ever-growing population of discerning homeowners who want innovative design solutions rooted in the elegant but rugged coastal environments of Massachusetts.

At the core of Outlands Design's philosophy is building strong relationships with homeowners through active listening, meaningful conversations, and a deep understanding of their vision for their home, whether it's their primary residence or one of many. The firm's hands-on approach helps clients navigate the design and construction process, ensuring the result is a home that reflects not only their individuality but also their growing and evolving families.

Collaboration is at the heart of every project at Outlands Design. The firm works alongside highly skilled builders, craftspeople, interior designers, landscape architects, engineers, and other consultants to solve complex residential design challenges. The comprehensive solutions for contemporary living deliver homes that are distinctly tailored to each client's needs and aspirations.

With their fresh perspective, deep expertise, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, Outlands Design is poised to redefine residential homes on Martha's Vineyard and beyond.

“A home is born out of a process of discovery.”

  — Tim Stewart, AIA, Principal

“I have built my career around designing homes that respond to their sites, that have integrity, and demonstrate craft.”

  — Don Bartels, AIA, Senior Associate

“The best homes integrate current technologies while also fitting to the surrounding vernacular. Indoor and outdoor spaces should flow together to create a feeling of belonging.”

  — Tim Stewart, AIA, Principal

“Homes should have personality and longevity.”

  — Don Bartels, AIA, Senior Associate

“A good home should be functional, comfortable, and livable.”

  — Blaise La Porta, Associate

“I enjoy working for a client-focused-practice that designs authentic homes that support modern lifestyles.”

  — Sienna Flynn, Designer