Eel Pond Cottage

Edgartown, Massachusetts


On this charming property near Eel Pond, an existing home and guest house have been transformed to better suit summer living. With the rise of remote work, the family needed a quiet office space. What started as a simple idea turned into a carefully planned office nook carved from the oversized living room.The highlight is a meticulously designed partition featuring a floor-to-ceiling steel window that floods the office with natural light and offers stunning views of the landscape beyond. Glass transoms suspended from the ceiling and glass pocket doors maintain an open feel, connecting the office seamlessly to the rest of the living space.In addition to the office nook, custom built-in cabinets are planned throughout the home, including multiple sets of bunk beds and an office bookcase, maximizing functionality and storage.

Stedman Construction
Nina Farmer Interiors
Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design