Farm Neck Escape

Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts


Situated within the serene landscape of Martha's Vineyard's esteemed Farm Neck Golf Club, this existing residence serves as a peaceful retreat from the bustling pace of urban life for its owners and their family. Our primary goal in this transformative addition/renovation was to design a private space for the owner's new grandchildren—We nestled a new playroom above the existing garage with a large dormer off the back so as to not detract from the charming scale of the existing architecture. Simultaneously, we sought to meet the demands of their children's remote work requirements by introducing a dedicated office space overlooking nearby canopy trees.A defining element of our intervention is the integration of a new staircase and a glass-filled connector that infuses the space with natural light and seamlessly links the updated ground floor mudroom to the playroom. Collectively, the project embodies the spirit of family and provides them with new, functional spaces to fully enjoy their time at their Vineyard vacation home!

Radius Construction
Studio Tracey Stead